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Melanie Lamey Luxury Assets
Founder and MD

About Melanie Lamey

❝Standing for what I Believe in❞

My name is Melanie Lamey, the founder of Luxury Assets, a domestic staff agency providing nothing but the best private staff to discerning clients worldwide.

I offer a highly bespoke service that helps and guides candidates and delivers exactly what clients request - just how private service recruitment should be.


For over twenty years I worked in the luxury industry, travelling globally and serving private clients and corporate companies in 5 star establishments, private properties and resorts, on board luxury cruise liners or mega yachts. This included among others, delivering very high profile events for Rolls Royce, HSBC Private Banking and Her Majesty The Queen. Some of my work also included working within private service for UHNWIs in London, Zurich and the Bahamas.

The foundation to all my work is a high sense of integrity, honesty and a meticulous eye for detail. I strongly belief in helping others to achieve their best and providing excellence.

It is those high standards and my extensive experience of the luxury industry that have enabled me provide an exceptional recruitment service of private staff.

I also trained others in people skills and share my expertise by offering free People Skills and Interview Coaching to candidates who are considered for roles. This builds candidate’s communications and presentations skills and makes for stronger candidacies.

If you are looking for a domestic staff agency you can trust, Luxury Assets can help you take the next step in your private service career or find the best staff for roles in your private household, family offices, yacht or jet.

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Luxury Assets

"You are one of the best in the household staff sector."

A. C., HNW client, London

"You are the calm in the storm that is the world of domestic service."

H. J., House Manager/ Butler candidate, Ireland

"All is going well with B. You were a wonderful help and will without doubt be my first port of call in future."

C. C., Private PA to HNW client, Monaco

"It was a pleasure to work with you and such a professional agency, I will highly recommend you in the future. Thank you for all of your help and support during my job search."

C. B., Nanny candidate, UK

"Honestly, it’s a pleasure do deal with someone professional….your comments, questions and approach are welcome."

M. F. Senior House Manager client, Switzerland

"Thank you for being such a great consultant."

J. S. nanny candidate, Germany

"Thank you for contacting me personally and not sending generic emails and I thank you for your guidance, which is rare. I feel I have truly found an agency of distinction."

W. B. Trained Butler/ House Manager candidate, Belgium


(Frequently Asked Questions)

A) I have applied for a role and been put forward. Should I apply for others?

Yes, you should apply and interview for other roles, increasing your chances of securing a position. However, you must be transparent and let us know about the other roles in private service you are applying or interviewing for.

B) Will my travel expenses for the client interview be reimbursed?

For short distances, generally speaking, they are not covered, but this may depend on the candidate's circumstance (e.g. if out of work). For any long journeys, travel expenses should be covered by the client and we will clarify this before any travel arrangements are made.

C) What happens to my CV and documents?

In accordance with the GDPR regulations, we store your data safely with your consent (see Contact Form and Privacy Terms). Your details are never shared without your knowledge.

D) What exactly is private service and how do you get into this industry?

Private Service is when you are working for a private (usually) wealthy person. The service could be wide-ranging and can include anything from cleaning, driving, cooking, child care, administration, gardening and is often based at their private property/family office or on board their private jet and yacht.

It is about assisting the individual and their family and organising their life and lifestyle. Working for a private individual is very different from working for a corporate company or in hospitality. For this reason, clients and we as a domestic staff agency always insist on previous experience within the private sector.

E) Should I leave before applying for a new role?

No. It is best but not always possible to apply and seek a new role while you are still working to ensure you are not out of work for any period of time.

F) When can I leave my current role to start my new role?

You need to give your current employer notice first. Your contract will state the notice period – the amount of time before actually leaving employment. This period of time can vary depending on whether you are owed leave (holidays), can sometimes be negotiated or you are placed on garden leave (when you are still contracted but no longer work).

It is vital to honour the notice period so you leave on good terms and are able to receive a written reference.

G) Do you charge for representing candidates?

No, there is no charge. We do not charge for our interview coaching, CV or career advice. Our service is free to candidates.

Please note that recruitment agencies on the continent may charge a fee.

H) There is a role that sounds very similar to the one you have put me forward for – should I apply to increase my chances?

Firstly, get in touch with us so we can determine for sure whether this is the same role. Secondly, your chances would not be increased by applying for the same position again with another agency. The terms of most recruitment agencies generally state that candidates should only be presented (who ever is first) by a single agency for a specific role.

I) I meet all the requirements in the job description, but I am not being considered. Why?

There could be many reasons for this – but often for reasons of confidentiality it is too complex to go into detail. It is in our interest to find the right candidate and in yours to find a good matching role. The position in question may also have history, and the client may be keen to avoid a repeat. Their requirements may also be stringent and particular, as is often the case in private service.

Do you have a question you would like to see answered, then please contact us.
All questions are treated in confidence.

1) What roles do you recruit for?

All those that are in and relating to private service. Below is a selection of jobs we recruit for.

Private Households:

• Nannies
• Private Chefs
• Butlers
• House Managers
• Housekeepers
• Estate Managers
• Domestic Couples
• Ladies Maids, and
• Gardeners

Family Offices:

• Offices Managers
• Admin Assistants
• Private PAs, and
• Lifestyle Managers

Private Jets:

• Pilots
• First Officers/Chief Engineers, and
• Flight Attendants

Private Yachts:

• Captains
• First Officers
• Chief Engineers
• Stewardesses, and
• Crew

Current availability of other roles can be found under Vacancies (link). If you wish to fill a role that is not listed, please get in touch here (link).

2) Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a three-month placement guarantee, providing the placement fee has been paid on time. It means that should the candidate not work out, we will provide you with a replacement in accordance with our terms. Our recruitment process is stringent, strict and thorough and it is rare, if ever, that our guarantee is made use of.

3) What are your fees and how do they work?

As is common practice for recruitment agencies our fees are based on a percentage of the gross yearly income of the candidate who is being placed into the role. Our fees are competitive, and for that, we offer a very efficient and high-end recruitment service, which is diligent and thorough.

4) When is the placement fee due?

No fees are due during the recruitment process. Our placement fee is issued seven days before the candidate commences work and is due within seven working days. On occasion, if work has been excessive, we may charge an administrative fee. Depending on the candidate’s circumstance and the distance travelled to meet you, there may be travel expenses to cover which we would confirm with you first.

5) How long does the recruitment take?

This depends on your requirements and location. If the role, for instance, is based in the countryside without accommodation offered or with foreign language or other requirements, it will be challenging to find the right candidate.

Please keep in mind candidates who are interested in your role and are still working will have to hand in and work their notice, which could be several weeks. The longer the time given to recruitment the more thorough we can be and, in all cases, should include short trials before signing contracts.

Learn more about the Client Hire Process (link).

6) Can we trial a candidate before committing?

Yes, we strongly recommend trials for both parties. We offer a three-day free trial, anything longer is charged at a weekly temporary fee – please contact us for details.

Candidates will have to be paid directly including their travel and accommodation if required. Please bear in mind that if the candidate is still working, perhaps only a short trial may be possible, depending on the candidate’s days off, or they may be able to take annual leave.

7) We are not sure what/ who we need. Can you help with drawing up a job description?

We recommend you make a list of the duties you need covered and at what time they need to be performed. Get in touch, and we will be happy to advise you. We always write our own job description for our Vacancies pages ensuring no detail is left out – however, we always ensure published job descriptions will not identify you as the client.

8) Can we use other domestic staff agencies at the same time?

Yes, you are free to do so – but the more agencies are involved in the search, the messier the process becomes. Our clients often grant us exclusivity because they understand the time and effort we put into each dossier we present and into the whole process to find them the perfect candidate.

See a small selection of our currently Available Candidates.

9) Can we also do reference checks?

While we carry out reference checks, we strongly recommend that clients also speak to previous employers, particularly after a short trial and before a job offer is made. Please let us know so contact with a referee can be set up for you.

10) In what way are you different from other private staff agencies?

Our process is such that, as a client, you are not left with reams of CVs having to find out for yourself vital information or whether your requirements are met. Our approach is diligent and meticulous. We do the work for you, just as it should be in private service and present you with nothing but the best choices to fill your role taking into account all your requirements.

If you have a question you would like answered – get in touch (link to Contact form).
All questions are treated in confidence.

Do you have a question you would like to see answered, then please contact us.
All questions are treated in confidence.