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Luxury Assets is a domestic staff agency
offering candidates a quality service
that allows each to feel supported
in making life-changing
career decisions.

What candidates can expect from us

We, as a domestic staff agency...
  • Always respond to your emails
  • Inform, support and update you during and throughout the recruitment process and right beyond your probation
  • Provide career advice, interview and people skills coaching
  • Work with you on your CV so you and your skills are best presented
  • Negotiate contracts on your behalf

Are you looking for your next role in Private Service?

We are looking forward to assisting you in
your application.

Luxury Assets

How To Register

Please use our contact form and tick the box for new candidate registration. You will need:

  • An up to date CV
  • Your passport/ ID
  • 3-years’ experience in private service (House Managers/Butlers 5-years experience and/or formal training required)
  • A short cover letter outlining your relevant experience

We will be in touch to inform you whether your registration has been successful.

If you have a question about our registration or recruitment process – get in touch or you will find more information in the Job Search section.

Do you have less than three years’ experience in private service? If so, please read our FAQs.

Candidate Application Process

In an ideal scenario, these are the steps to your next role in private service. You may also find our FAQ for candidates helpful.


All our candidates need to have a minimum of three years’ experience working in the private sector within private households/ family offices or on board private jets and yachts. House Managers also require formal training gained at a butler or house management school or five years’ experience in private service.


To register, please send us your up to date CV and a scan of your passport/ ID by using our contact form. Once completed, we will reply to confirm your registration. We ask you not to send hard copy documents to our postal addresses.

For further details, our How To Register page provides a step by step guide for you to follow.

How To Help The Recruitment Process

  • Be prompt and precise with providing requested information
  • Label your files and emails properly (include a subject line)
  • When put forward, keep us informed about other roles you are applying for
  • Trust us – if we say we will update you with client news, we will do so
  • Prepare yourself for the interview (we offer free interview and people skills coaching)
  • Be contactable - check your devices for messages including your spam folder

Documents Needed

During the application process, we will request additional documentation, which could include your:

  • Driver's license
  • Training/Education certification
  • Written references, and
  • DBS security check (or equivalent), among other documents

All document files should be labelled appropriately. Your documents and personal details are never shared without your knowledge.

Interview With Us

We may choose to speak to you initially over the phone before arranging an interview. Interviews are always formal, structured and extensive. We will then work with you on your presentation and, if you qualify, put you forward for the role you have applied for.

Interview Coaching

We offer free interview and people skills coaching to all our candidates. Our coaching is extensive, supportive and always appreciated by candidates of all levels.


We highly recommend a job trial (we offer a three-day trial which is free of charge to clients), where the future employer pays you directly before accepting a role. A short trial will depend on your availability and your current job situation. Never agree to take a position on the spot.

Job Offer

Negotiating help – we assist candidates with contract negotiations, where possible. This could include salary, work hours, accommodation, bonuses, transport, uniforms, scope of work – anything relating to your new role.

Starting A New Role

We provide all candidates placed in a new role with tips on starting a new job and offer support throughout the probation period and beyond.