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All candidates we put forward for a role are offered People Skills and Interview Coaching based on our experience within recruitment and the people skills training we used to teach. It is a step by step guide designed to increase confidence, focus and motivation. It includes tips on:

  • Creating the best first impression
  • Establishing an excellent rapport with your employer
  • Conveying a professional image
  • Presenting yourself for the interview, and
  • Asking the right questions

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Job Search Tips

Social Media

What's in a Like

It seems all too obvious that the photos candidates publish throughout their social media profiles should still portray an image one can justify and find acceptable. But strongly voiced comments and Likes on unavoury subjcts that cannot be removed, will remain in cyberspace and could also easily haut a career.

What you think strongly of one day may not be the same view several years later - but the original comments remains visible to recruiters and clients. So think twice before you express private thoughts or click on that Like so your image stays untainted and won't hinder your job search.

Cover Letters

Your first impression

A cover letter is your opportunity to make a great first impression. It should contain crucial relevant facts and have a simple layout with short sentences - we recommend 2-3 maximum.

Mention the years of experience and qualifications relevant for the job you are applying for, address two more points specifically asked for in the job description and end with your availability for starting the role.

Also, make sure to include your details, including email address, location and telephone phone number should you need to be contacted for an interview.

Addressing A Recruitment Agency

A personal approach

Addressing your cover letter ‘Dear Sirs’ or ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ is both formal and respectful. However, it takes just a few clicks to find out the name of the owner for you to address them personally.

Think about how it makes you feel when you are addressed by name – this is no different and demonstrates the attention to detail and the level of service you provide.

A Matter Of Timing

When to contact agencies

We provide a comprehensive support system for candidates and, if needed, are available at any time.

However, we do request non-urgent contact is made during office hours, if possible.

A Photo Says It All

Mistakes every candidate makes

We all want friendly people around us – and this also applies to employers looking for new staff. By using a warm, smiling photograph of yourself on your CV, you will find it a door opener.

However, we advise against using your current passport photo since, as you are not allowed to smile on them, these can come across as cold and unwelcoming.

Fonts and Capitals

When the message is louder than the words

Writing any body text, particularly a cover letter, in CAPITAL LETTERS, makes the reader feel as if they are shouted at – and the same applies for a whole paragraph that is bold.

Remember, you are looking to create a great first impression, and it takes no time at all to ensure your cover letter and CV conform to professional standards.

Reference Checks

Cherish your referees

The candidate should notify all referees prior to application and, in turn, we will ensure all reference checks are completed with the knowledge of the candidate and are properly set up. This means the referee anticipates a call, can gather their thoughts and will continue to support a candidate.

Referees are valuable contacts that can make or break the prospects of a new role and should be treated as such.

Referee Contacts

A matter of privacy

In the private staff industry, where confidentiality is key, the full name, address or telephone numbers of previous employers should never feature on a CV – instead you should request a written reference, which is submitted to agencies seeking only to contact the referee with the candidate’s knowledge.

Useful Links

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